#TuksFMRecord With Alex Caige & Cassy Clarke (Interview)

It’s not every day you just decide to do a Guinness world Record, especially something that requires you staying awake for long periods of time, just ask @BraaiBoy about his world record. But, after a couple of months of planning, 94.7 Highveld Stereo radio DJ Alex Caige and Tuks FM DJ Cassy Clarke are attempting the #TuksFMRecord.

They are attempting to break the longest team radio broadcast in history, by hosting a radio broadcast from a van for 75 hours in Hatfield Square. The record attempt began on 15 March, and will be ending shortly tonight, 18 March.Under permanent video monitoring and video stream via Ustream, all the documenting footage and logs of the times they left the van to go to the toilet or something will be sent to Guinness officials, who will moderate everything and validate the record.

I got the chance to pop into Hatfield Square and have a chat to Alex and Cassy around the 70 hour mark… Here’s what went down

#TuksFMRecord Interview with Alex Caige and Cassy Clarke

How are things going?

Alex: Things are going well. It’s obviously been quite a tough challenge, but it’s been an exciting experience, because of the team, myself and Cassy Clarke, and it’s been an exciting ride. I’m struggling to find the right words, because we’ve been awake for 70 hours.

What gave you guys the idea? How did you come up with the idea to break this specific world record?

Alex: I’ve always been excited to try new challenges and push myself for new challenges, so about a year ago I saw the challenge that Chris Moyles from BBC Radio 1, where I think they had the record for 55 hours, and it’s always been a dream of mine to try it. Then after gaining enough experience, I applied for the record around a year and a half ago. The record at that moment was 73 hours, then earlier this year, the record as it stands got broken at 74 hours. So we’re attempting to go for 75 hours.

After you came up with the idea and you pitched it to everyone, what was the response like?

Alex: Well, Cassy immediately put up her hand and that’s why I chose her to be on my team. She really was overeager, and I was like that when I started in my career and she is actually quite new to the radio industry. She’s only been in the industry for 7 or 8 months now. So I immediately saw that an exciting thing for her and I to get involved with and, we’re been planning from then onwards. That’s from about 4 or 5 months ago, when we got the official confirmation from Guinness. So since then we’ve been planning all the things we want to do and been getting to know each other, because remember, spending 75 hours with somebody in a confined space with less that 2 meters by 5 meters, you have to be able to work and gel well with that person.

And you Cassy, how are you finding it going?

Cassy: I’m enjoying every single hour of it. The ups, the downs, the laughs…

Alex: The tears

Cassy: *Laughs* The tears, everything!

Are you guys able at least get out and go pee or grab a drink or something?

Alex: We not allowed to leave. We can’t leave without designated witnesses and stewards being on hand to show that we have taken a physical break, and then they jot that down and send that with our evidence that we submit to Guinness, and that could take up to 8 months. So that’s also something quite interesting, that we have to add, that somebody 6 months ago could have gone to a much higher record and we only find out after we’ve gone through the 75 hours.

Were there any concerns going into the record or thus far?

Alex: We’ve been lucky that things fell into place quite nicely. During the attempt we had some scare with regard to blood pressure, considering the amount of time we’ve been awake and sleep deprivation, but that got all sorted out and we’re healthy as 2 ox’s coming into the final stretch.

With Bioplus, I’m sure you guys can make it.

Alex: Absolutely, big ups to them, with a couple of hours to go, we’re almost there.

So Cassy, you say you’re new to the industry, where can people get hold of you? What’s your Twitter handle so we can send you some support?

Cassy: It’s @Cassy_Clarke

Any special thanks that you would like give?

Cassy: To all the supporters. There’s been constant support, even 2 or 3 in the morning, we’ve had a constant stream of Twitter followers, families on Sunday brought their kids and came to say how much they love Tuks FM and the breakfast show. So there’s been really good constant support. I mean people brought us treats and sweets and cold-drink and how they’ve told us how they living through the entire experience with us, that for me was definitely the most valuable thing to see.

Alex: We actually had a woman who came and spoke to us and said that every time we came on, they told everyone in the house to shut-up, so that they could listen to what we were saying and hear what crazy things we were doing next.

How do you plan on celebrating once it’s all done?

Alex: Sleep!

Cassy: Yes, a lot of sleep! Sleep and then gooooood dinner. I want a good dinner.

Alex: Well, we not worries that we will come crashing down, because we’ve been having to watch out for carbs and other stuff

Cassy: 3 Course meal.

Alex: yeah, 3 course meal, fact. After the sleep though, because won’t have the energy to eat.

Cassy: Oh, aaaaaaand a helicopter ride.

Oh yeah?

Alex: yes, we were promised by a lady at OR Tambo, that if we hit the 75 hours we will get a helicopter flip and some aerobatics, so that’s going to be quite awesome. That’s a common thing between Cassy and I, we love extreme sports, so we definitely going to be doing that. We will tweet pictures, @Cassy_Clarke and myself @AlexCaige.


And there you have it, soon more South Africans will be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Over the last few months, the team have been planning and putting together all the details for the world record attempt and, by the looks of things, it’s been planned perfectly. Well done to the two of you, I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting out of the van and stretching your legs a bit, followed by starfishing the hell out of your bed.

If you’re not doing it already and you’re on Twitter, follow @AlexCaige and @Cassy_Clarke. Also, don’t forget to follow @947Highveld, @TuksFM1072 and @BioplusBoost.

Listen out for Alex Caige’s next show on 94.7 Highveld Stereo, where I’m sure Alex will give some feedback and tell some stories from the world record attempt.

‘Till later…

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