The Truth About Unicorns True Identity and Zebra Colouring Discovery Revealed

What started as a thought about zebras and their stripes that I posted as a status on Facebook, has led to a major discovery of all time…

Just think about this for a minute…

Imagine zebra’s had to earn their stripes!

This statement has led the genius brain of a good friend of mine and I to a discovering something truly phenomenal!!

Some say that unicorns anorexic rhinos, while other believe unicorns are actually just horny, albino, zebras… But I beg to differ…..

What is this you might have asked?

Well, we have discovered the truth about Zebra / Unicorn culture and hierarchy. Basically, in a sense, their life is similar to the life of a butterfly. What happens is, a Zebra (in its early life) is actually a unicorn. During their daily duties of eating skittles and playing in rainbows, unicorns get stripes for doing good unicorn things! What exactly these “well-behaved unicorn actions” are, is still a myth. What we do know is, once a unicorn has successfully earned enough stripes, the unicorn overseers put the unicorn on pension. I mean even a unicorn needs to be able to live out the last potion of its life being happy with other pensioned unicorns, while basking in the glow of colourful rainbows and younger unicorns, eating skittles!

Once a unicorn is placed on pension, they have earned all their stripes for their good deeds, making them a zebra… Seeing the caterpillar/butterfly link here? This, therefore, means that a Zebra is actually a Unicorn on retirement; and that a unicorn is a young zebra. As a result of these findings, we have also established that the Kruger National Park is the retirement village for well-behaved Unicorns who have earned their all their stripes and became zebras! You might ask:

“Why don’t zebras have horns?”

… This is because just as people have false teeth and lose their teeth, unicorns lose their horns. A benefit of this is to help disguise them in their old age, and is also why you wouldn’t know that the zebra you just saw is actually a unicorn on pension!

All of this has led us to a further discovery…

This discovery, that zebras are unicorns on retirement, leads us to believe we’ve cracked another mystery too…

Zebras are white with black stripes!

We also believe, then, that unicorns aren’t anorexic rhinos, but actually that rhinos are like the “black sheep” of the unicorn/zebra culture.

A lot to process, I know

But now you know the truth about unicorns, their identity and that they are actually young zebras… You’ve also just learnt that zebras are aged, well-behaved unicorns, as they have earned their stripes from doing good deeds while still a unicorn!

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Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.


Zebra's & Unicorns

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