NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Pranks Car Salesman

If you’re a car salesman and you have someone showing interest in a car you know they will love and you can make some great cash on the deal, you’re obviously going to be willing to take the car out for a test drive with the prospective client. If  you are such a car salesman, remember to buckle up whenever going out for a test drive, because you never know when you might be caught out like this guy, when NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks a car salesman.

When Jeff, disguised with some nerd looking glasses, a Pepsi-can mounted hidden camera, makeup and a fake beard suggested to “Buckle up”, he clearly meant it! The unsuspecting salesman, eager to make a deal on the Camaro to a gent who currently drives a ‘minivan’, casually started with his sales pitch as “Mike” pulled out of the parking lo...

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