Pinterest New Look And How To Get It




It seems it’s that time of the year again where all the social media networks are cleaning out their designs and layouts and trying a new design. I was busy surfing the net, and while on Pinterest I noticed an option to “Switch to The New Look,” so naturally I chose it… Click on one of the images below to see what the new look looks like:

Unfortunately it seems for now still, if you want to get an early peek at Pinterest’s new look, you’ll need to have a business account or list a website on your profile. If you meet the criteria, and you want the new look, all it takes is 2 clicks and about 4cm of mouse dragging. Here’s what to do:

1. Hover over your username, on the top-right of the screen:
Get New Look, Step 1

2. Click on “Switch To The New Look”:
Get New Look, step 2

Once you’ve done that, BOOM… You should see this:

Welcome to The Pinterest New Look

Honestly I think the new look works and feels better than the current Pinterest interface and layout. It seems more organised and the drop-down hover menus actually work, instead of disappearing the split second I move my mouse over to click on something in the menu. It’s not a massive change, but in my opinion it’s definitely better, simpler and cleaner.

If you don’t meet the criteria, you will unfortunately have to wait till the new look is released officially.

Until then…

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