Losing Someone Special

It’s about 8 days and 13 hours today that I got the news that one of my dearest friends, who was like a sister to me, passed away unexpectedly. It leaves a massive gap in who and what you are…. Well for me that is…


In loving memory of Lynn Bowers (7 August 1987 – 20 August 2011)

Lynn is the first person I was close to that I’ve lost to the evil known as death…. So dealing with what’s happened since receiving word of the news has been a first for me. And one I don’t wish on any of my worst enemies(not that I really have any, that I know of).

The first few minutes are pure shock…. You don’t know what’s going on, you try to figure out if what you heard is what was actually said and then you break apart...

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What’s Playing On My Headphones This Month (July 2011)

Stairway To Heaven
I get asked a lot what new music I have, so for those of you who want it, use it, don’t use it… So, today I decided to post this, something a bit different and make it available fo those who want some music suggestions. Here is the list of my new music.
Thanks to the one person who helped with adding some more to the collection with song names today, you know who you are…(UPDATE: 18 July 2011): If you want a song or want to know something, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see what I can arrange :-)So, below is the list for those who want:
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Remembering the Good Old Days

Over the past few months, I have moved away from the place I felt “at home” in to a completely new city and subsequently back “home.” During this time, throughout the process of moving away and moving back, there has been times when you sit and think back to the good times you spent with friends and family. thinking about these memories sometimes bring happiness and others sometimes bring some sadness, but more often than not as a result of these memories, it’s made us the people we are today, for the better or the worse.

Sometimes you won’t even purposely be thinking about specific memories, but the get triggered as a result of a song, watching a movie or smelling a specific perfume/cologne...

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Don’t underestimate what / who? I’m talking about the youth, younger people. People otherwise considered inexperienced, those who always feel like people take you and your input for granted…

Ever done something someone said you wouldn’t be able to do, or had the odds stacked against you, only because those around you underestimated what you’re capable of, or even had someone try take advantage of you, simply because they don’t think you know what’s going on or have any idea of what you’re entitled to or your rights?

With all due respect, for those who are in further on in years, and I don’t mean this in a nasty way… But for these people, gaining someone’s respect is an almost given and people tend to trust your instincts and opinions more easily...

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Goodbyes in Modern Society

For those who know me and for the few who have been reading my blog, you will know I have recently resigned from work and am moving back up-country. The closer to the day that I leave comes, the more sentimental certain times feel and become. Edging nearer to the day I leave, I’ve been thinking, is it really necessary to say “goodbye” to friends and loved ones in the society we live in today? Is “goodbye” really a goodbye, or is it more of an “until I see you again”??

It’s not that long ago that social networking platforms like MySpace and Bebo started. It afforded many of us the opportunity to see what our friends are up to and what’s news in their respective lives without either being a nuisance or intruding too much. And I DO NOT mean this in a stalkerish way. löl.


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Today has not been my best day to say the least. It started off badly and didn’t get any better. It was one of those days where things just go wrong and get progressively worse.

Something about today just didn’t feel right either. We really need to start trusting in our gut instincts more!

Why are Monday’s generally so bad? What’s with the whole stigma surrounding Monday’s?

So I wake up, only to find I haven’t got any clean clothes for work, so already I’m irritable...

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Hello world!

So this is my first blog article, what do I do? Is this thing on? I guess I’ll keep this one light.

Signing up to create the blog is pretty exciting, I’m not going to lie, but then when it’s your turn to start typing something, it’s kinda daunting… That’s all part of the fun though.. What do you say in these “About Me” things?

About me? Why not tell me more about you? But then again, this is my blog, my space to let go and share my experiences, views and opinions on whatever… Here’s a little about me though:

I’m an easy-going guy with a love of music and all things fun and exciting. I’m passionate about the things that mean a lot to me and the close friends and family I have. I’m often told I’m a bit hyperactive, but I’d blame this on the passion I put into everything...

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