#TuksFMRecord With Alex Caige & Cassy Clarke (Interview)

It’s not every day you just decide to do a Guinness world Record, especially something that requires you staying awake for long periods of time, just ask @BraaiBoy about his world record. But, after a couple of months of planning, 94.7 Highveld Stereo radio DJ Alex Caige and Tuks FM DJ Cassy Clarke are attempting the #TuksFMRecord.

They are attempting to break the longest team radio broadcast in history, by hosting a radio broadcast from a van for 75 hours in Hatfield Square. The record attempt began on 15 March, and will be ending shortly tonight, 18 March.Under permanent video monitoring and video stream via Ustream, all the documenting footage and logs of the times they left the van to go to the toilet or something will be sent to Guinness officials, who will moderate everything and val...

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After Happily Ever After

You know how it goes with a Disney movie, the damsel in distress needs a proverbial(and sometimes literal) knight in shining armour to save her. The two fall in love and they live happily ever after, right? Have you ever wondered what happens after happily ever after?

I happened to stumble onto this YouTube video, by a user who goes by the name of “Paint” . In his video he focuses on the story after the happily ever after for Pocahontas, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine.

This video thoroughly made my morning, check it out here:

After Happily Ever After

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NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Pranks Car Salesman

If you’re a car salesman and you have someone showing interest in a car you know they will love and you can make some great cash on the deal, you’re obviously going to be willing to take the car out for a test drive with the prospective client. If  you are such a car salesman, remember to buckle up whenever going out for a test drive, because you never know when you might be caught out like this guy, when NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks a car salesman.

When Jeff, disguised with some nerd looking glasses, a Pepsi-can mounted hidden camera, makeup and a fake beard suggested to “Buckle up”, he clearly meant it! The unsuspecting salesman, eager to make a deal on the Camaro to a gent who currently drives a ‘minivan’, casually started with his sales pitch as “Mike” pulled out of the parking lo...

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Playstation 4 VS Xbox 720 … Playstation Leading?

Even though the full the full design, other than its new remote, has not yet been released, GameStop has released some detail showing that Sony’s Playstation 4 is already building up quite the hype. Let the Playstation 4 VS Xbox 720 war begin!

According to a survey done by the people over at GameStop, more than 600,000 of its “PowerUp Rewards” members have already signed up to its PlayStation 4 First to Know List, which shows the strong demand for the new console when it launches a little later this year.

Initial release dates for the PS4 were set for October this year, but word on the Interwebs information highway says that it might even launch a bit sooner… Which, I hope it does!

So, even though all we know is some of the PS4 specs and what the control will look like, what’s your opinion...

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Friday Stress Test

Want a quick Friday stress test? I am not sure exactly how it works, but this is amazingly accurate. You have to read the rest of the article first, before looking at the picture.

The picture below has 2 identical dolphins in it. Don’t look yet! You need to know the background first.  This picture of the 2 identical dolphins was used in at St. Mary’s Hospital, in London, in case study on stress levels.

Now you can look…

Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water.

These dolphins are identical.

In the case study done at the St. Mary’s hospital, the closely monitored scientific study revealed that, in spite of the fact that the dolphins are identical, a person under stress would find differences in the two dolphins.

This research has shown that the more differences a person finds between...

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Pinterest New Look And How To Get It




It seems it’s that time of the year again where all the social media networks are cleaning out their designs and layouts and trying a new design. I was busy surfing the net, and while on Pinterest I noticed an option to “Switch to The New Look,” so naturally I chose it… Click on one of the images below to see what the new look looks like:

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Shedding light on “ Into Darkness ”

It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Bruce Greenwood in a movie together, who return in the second of the new Star Trek series. The latest Star Trek “Into Darkness” movie, directed by J. J. Abram, will be arriving in cinemas on May 17th across the US.

Into Darkness

Star Trek Poster

The plot of Star Trek Into Darkness follows on from the previous Star Trek movie, where “After being called back home, the crew of the Enterprise find a seemingly unstoppable force which has attacked Starfleet and left Earth in chaos. Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are tasked with leading the deadly manhunt to capture the party responsible and settle an old score.” – Wikipedia

The first teaser trailer for the movi...

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Mouth-freshening News with the #5GumExperience & @5GumSA

As you may or may not know, 5Gum delivers the longest lasting flavour and a unique taste experience with their gum with flavours like Turbulence’s mouthwatering watermelon, Electro’s tingling spearmint and Cobalt’s cooling peppermint… But that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I have something a bit better…

Park Station 3D video mapped projections by Étienne de Crécy and mesmerising melodies of Irish indie rockers at venues such as an abandoned cement factory in Philippi, and the haunting beats of A-trak and HudMo are a few of the highlights of the growing movement that is the #5GumExperience over the Halloween weekend in 2012, powered by sensory stimulating chewing gum brand 5 Gum.

That’s still not what I wanted to tell you… Fiiiiiiiiine, here it is…


Rumour has it that ...

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Let’s make Local Lekker Again this week on #AfricaBBC

With all the negativity surrounding our incredible country, I think it’s time to start turning around this negativity and start focusing on the good. I dare not even mention “O” word whose surname rhymes with Pretorius… And don’t even get me started on those police officers who dragged the Mozambican taxi driver behind their car.

Rather, I think it’s time we start looking at the good we can find in, not just South Africa, but on the African continent… The vast variety of landscapes and cultures, food and all that other good stuff we can find. On that note, I think you might dig this video… But before the video, here’s a little background info:

The #AfricaBBC series is drawing near to its conclusion, with only two regions remaining to be showcased on BBC Knowledge, DStv Channel 184...

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