Nvidia Project SHIELD, What is it?

No, it doesn’t stand for “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division,” and this isn’t Ironman or the Avengers… It’s Nvidia Project SHIELD

With gaming development and moving towards being able to play whenever and wherever you are, portable gaming consoles with the likes of PlayStation’s PSP, Nintendo DS and recently Wii U’s consoles have been selling globally in the last few years. With some impressive features built into these consoles and demand for some kind of portable gaming consoles forever increasing, Nvidia has launched “Project SHIELD.”

Image: NVidia Project SHIELD

With the idea of gamers being able to play wherever, whenever and however they want, Nvidia designed a full-size game controller with NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 processing power, breakthrough Wi-Fi technology, and stunning HD video and audio.

Nvidia’s Project Shield offers a custom 72-core Nvidia GPU, with a Quad-core A15 CPU. Crisp clear sound through an audio system Nvidia claims is never before experience on a portable device and 802.11n standard wireless connectivity, while running on Google’s Jelly Bean operating system. This gives you the access of all your favourite Android based games and apps, all built into a console grade and size gaming controller with its own 5″ 720p retinal multi-touch display.

You will be able to download games off of the Google Play Store or off the Nvidia TegraZone. Gaming doesn’t stop there though. You will be able to wirelessly access your GeForce® GTX-powered computer from anywhere where your wireless signal reaches, allowing you to play your favourite PC games, including games titles from Steam. Some of these PC game titled include Skyrim, Portal 2, Hawken, Dishonoured, Borderlands 2, Assassians Creed III, and my favourite, Battlefield 3.

Image: NVidia Project SHIELD

When it will be able to get our own console on our South African shores is not yet known. All I know is that compared to the old Gameboy’s back in the day, portable gaming has come a long way. With the likes of the PSP Vita, Nintendo DS and Wii U portable gaming consoles already available, Nvidia will have a tough market to crack, but if they pull it off and Nvidia’s Project SHIELD can pull it off, Nvidia says it will be the console that “redefines what gaming can be.”

For more info, check out the Nvidia Project SHIELD website.

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