Not Here – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb (Review)

If you’ve been following the local music scene, went to the Bon Jovi concert in Jozi this last saturday, or even been tuning into 94.7 Highveld Stereo‘s Kia Take40Sa, by now you should have heard about Daniel Baron. Maybe you’ve even heard some of his music… But have you heard one of his latest songs? With an awesome colab with ProVerb on a song from Daniel’s debut album entitled “It’s Time” comes “Not Here” – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb. If you haven’t heard it, it sounds a little something like this. . .

Not Here – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb

The song features ProVerb rapping some heart-felt lyrics, in between choruses sung by Daniel. The song plays with a trend for different styles of music in one song, with a mixture of rock and rap, which Daniel said he wanted to explore in his own music. The ‘old’ version of “Not here” in my opinion was an excellent song, but compared to the rest of the songs on the album, was a bit slow. The ‘new’ version of “Not Here” – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb is an awesome combination of music genres, which compliment each other throughout the song.

There is a trend for different styles of music to merge on a song, especially with rap and pop rock and I wanted to explore this in my own music.





– Daniel Baron

Daniel released his debut CD, “It’s Time” in September 2012 and has been growing in the market and as an artist ever since. Daniel currently has 2 songs on the Kia Take40SA, “All Over Now” at 30th position and “Not Here” – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb in 32nd place., which I’m sure will be climbing up the charts with this “rock meets rap” take on what was originally an awesome song.

Daniel also released his latest music video today, of “A Lion’s Heart” – Daniel Baron Feat. Cindy Alter. Cindy is the former front lady of the mega-successful 70’s band Clout. You can watch that here:

Both of these songs can be found on Daniel’s new album “It’s Time (Special Edition)“, which has gone digital and available from iTunes; by clicking here (if you didn’t use the previous link). This limited edition album also has some live acoustic versions of his well-known songs and a new song called “Roses”, ballad that is popular at Daniel’s live gigs.

Daniel Will be touring the UK from the 19th of May, and I would like to use this opportunity to apologise to Daniel for not being able to make it this time round, but we will definitely just have to arrange another trip!

I will be meeting up with Daniel to do an interview with his as soon as he arrives back home in South Africa to find out about his experience touring the UK. Until then, if you want to find out more about Daniel or see what he’s up to while on his UK tour, hit that Like, Subscribe and Follow button on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel, or check out Daniel’s website.

‘Till then…

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PS. Hit that play button on the “Not Here” – Daniel Baron feat. ProVerb clip again… you know you want to.

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