The Next Generation iPhone… What To Expect

With all the rumours making the rounds, tonight at roughly 6pm GMT+2 the “iPhone 5” launch will take place in San Francisco.

iPhone 5 Launch InviteWhat can we expect from Apple with this launch? Well, in my opinion, nothing short of excellence!

Tonight’s launch will see the official release of iOS6 and without a doubt, the launch of the new iPhone 5. Details on what to expect from the next generation iPhone are still a little sketchy in my opinion, but all will be revealed tonight! 😀

iPhone 5:

1. A larger display

With other mobile phones on the market with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy and HTC’s One X and their 4inch and a bit screens, the unofficially dubbed “iPhone 5” will most likely sport a larger display. Rumour has it that the new iPhone’s screen will be increased from the current 3.5inch display to a 4inch display, while still maintaining their Retina Display functionality to provide the best possible quality output on the device.

2. 4G LTE

As was seen with the launch of the new iPad, we can also most likely expect to see the new iPhone come out with 4G LTE connectivity. This would see the iPhone being capable of download speeds between 100mbps and upward and upload speeds of 50mbps and up. With the faster connection, downloading songs, apps, emails and the rest would prove to be effortless, drastically minimizing the time it takes to complete such tasks.

3. 30-Pin Dock Connector

A new dock connector will be seen for the first time ever on an Apple device. Gone will be the current 30-pin port, which will be replaced by a new, smaller 8-pin port.

New iPhone Dock Connector4. Relocated Earphone Jack

AS seen in the image above, the new iPhone will also see the 3.5mm earphone jack moved to the bottom of the device, much like that of the iPod Touch, thus keeping all the “plug & Play” parts on the same side of the iPhone.

5. Redesigned Earphones

Speaking of earphones, rumour has it that Apple has been working on new earphones for the new iPhone. According to a report by “The Verge”, of earphones. Technology website , in one of its reports, said, “The buds have an unusual moulded design that appears to funnel sound into the ear canal, and the speaker grilles are largely hidden from view”, as seen bellow:

iPhone 5 Earphones6. Nano-SIM

As if a “micro-SIM” wasn’t enough. Apple seems to have designed an even smaller sim card for the new iPhone. To get an idea of the size of this thing, you will see it in the image bellow ( The smallest one is the Nano-Sim, just so we’re clear:-P ) :

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM7. Bigger Battery

Maybe the Nano-SIM was made to fit in the larger battery. Considering the size of the iPhone will most likely be increasing, Apple will probably also be throwing in a bigger and better battery into the iPhone 5.

8. New Rear Casing

Talk is that the new iPhone’s rear casing will be made of metal, instead of the current breakable glass, as is found on the iPhone 4 and 4S. To give you an idea of what this casing may look like, have a look at this potentially “leaked” part:

iPhone 5 Rear Casing VS iPhone 4S rear

iPhone 5 Rear Casing VS iPhone 4S rear

9. Thinner Design

With the guts of the new iPhone getting smaller and the outside getting bigger, speculation around the new iPhone is that it will be even thinner. It will also not be wider, but rather taller in size to make space for the larger display.

10. Near-Field Communication (NFC)

With NFC starting to take over and rival handsets offering NFC in their phones, the iPhone 5 will most likely see the introduction of NFC built into the device too.

11. Improved Camera

As has been seen in the previous iPhone releases, an improved camera can also be expected. What the stats on this are is still unsure, but I believe we will see an even better camera in the iPhone 5 for those of you who, like me, take a lot of photos with your iPhone and really don’t like bad quality or poor resolution photos!

12. iOS 6

Tonight’s launch will also see the official launch of iOS 6. If I can’t get my hands on a new iPhone 5 yet, I look forward to being able to play with some of the new features of iOS 6. If you aren’t sure what can be expected from iOS 6, check out “iOS 6… What you need to know

13. South African Release

Details on when the iPhone 5 can be expected in South Africa are still a bit sketchy. But the general feel around the issue is that we can expect the iPhone 5 to hit our shores by December… Just in time for the Christmas rush. Smart move Apple… Smart move! Further than that, I am not sure, but I will keep you posted as more info is released.

If you’re as excited as I am about the launch, you can watch the launch live on CNET’s website clicking –> here <–

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— Images by: BestTechInfo, Valuewalk, Geeky-Gadgets & Macrumours

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