The New iPad Prices for South Africa

With the official South African launch for the new iPad only 3 days away, prices for the models have been released…

Core Group, Apple distributors for South Africa, released the prices for the highly anticipated New iPad. The prices aren’t as high as I initially expected when I initially posted the article on the launch date confirmation of the 3rd gen iPad.

With prices ranging from R4 999 to R8 299, I’m sure you can expect the New iPad to sell out pretty quickly! Here are the prices:

The New iPad Prices for South Africa

WiFi Only iPad:

Model 16GB WiFi 32GB WiFi 64GB WiFi
Price R4 999 R5 999 R6 999

WiFi + LTE iPad:

Model 16GB WiFi+LTE 32GB WiFi+LTE 64GB WiFi+LTE
Price R6 299 R7 299 R8 299

What’s this “LTE” Story?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” and is the next generation in GSM/UMTS networks. The Goal for LTE was to increase both the capacity and speed of wireless data networks, while simplifying the “network architecture”, which would significantly reduce transfer latency compared to the current 3G architecture. This simpler architecture results in lower operating costs, which in turn should lower costs for consumers like you and I.

LTE specification boasts download speeds of 300Mbps and upload rates of 75Mbps.

Does South Africa Support LTE?

The simple answer for this is NO!.. Well, not yet. Below is a map of countries which already have existing LTE infrastructure, countries who have LTE on the cards to get it implemented or are currently working on it and countries who are still in the testing phase of LTE (See key below to identify countries).

Long Term Evolution Country Map

Long Term Evolution Country Map. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Countries with commercial LTE service
Countries with commercial LTE network deployment on-going or planned
Countries with LTE trial systems (pre-commitment)

As you can see, South Africa is one of the “Countries with commercial LTE network deployment on-going or planned”. Although the new iPad supports LTE networks, it is simply not yet available in South Africa. However the new iPad will still work, as Core Group the WiFi+LTE models of the will work on South Africa’s current 3G networks like the iPad 2.

If you want specs on the new iPad, see Are You Ready? New iPad South Africa Launch Date Confirmed – New iPad Features

Let me know if you get the new iPad and what it’s like?

Till later…

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