Mouth-freshening News with the #5GumExperience & @5GumSA

As you may or may not know, 5Gum delivers the longest lasting flavour and a unique taste experience with their gum with flavours like Turbulence’s mouthwatering watermelon, Electro’s tingling spearmint and Cobalt’s cooling peppermint… But that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I have something a bit better…

Park Station 3D video mapped projections by Étienne de Crécy and mesmerising melodies of Irish indie rockers at venues such as an abandoned cement factory in Philippi, and the haunting beats of A-trak and HudMo are a few of the highlights of the growing movement that is the #5GumExperience over the Halloween weekend in 2012, powered by sensory stimulating chewing gum brand 5 Gum.

That’s still not what I wanted to tell you… Fiiiiiiiiine, here it is…


Rumour has it that the next edition of one of South Africa’s most anticipated events will be announced next week. Keep it mouth-freshening with @5GumSA on Twitter and Facebook for the reveal of the next international band, confirmed to be rocking the streets of Jozi and Cape Town soon.

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