Keyboard Dictionary Wont Reset? Here’s How To Fix That!

Have you noticed that after some time, while typing, your auto-correct stars suggesting or correcting to words that’s spelt incorrectly or if you type in another language/slang, it starts suggesting words you often use?

This is because built into the operating system (iOS) the keyboard auto correct / dictionary has a learning mechanism that learns words you type and use often and eventually takes them as the norm, and so it starts suggesting them to you while typing, simply trying to make your life easier…

When this gets a bit much, you always used to be able to go to your settings and just “reset keyboard dictionary”… But for some reason, since the release of iOS5, a few people have an issue where they can’t reset their keyboard doing the above method… Last night, after playing around with my iPhone, I discovered a way how to reset the keyboard that actually does just that . . reset the keyboard.

So, here’s what you have to do…

… Don’t worry it literally takes 2 minutes!

*Please note that throughout the steps below, you can click on the image to enlarge the photo, if needed.

Step 1

From your home screen, go to Settings:

Home Screen

Step 2

Next, scroll down to “General”:


Step 3

Scroll down to “Keyboard”:


Step 4

Switch off “Auto Correction” and “Spell Checking”:

Settings(Auto Correction on)Settings(Auto Correction off)

Step 5

*This step is not entirely necessary

I went to Notes and opened a new note and started typing some gibberish round about now, to check that the auto correction was indeed off and checked what typing with it off was like:

Typing a Note with Auto Correction Off

Step 6

*Resetting Continued

Go back to “settings”, scroll down to “General”. Once there, scroll all the way down to “Reset”:

BAck To Settings

Step 7

Now if you tap “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” it seems to actually reset your keyboard dictionary as it should, despite the Auto Correction and Spell Checking being off:

Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary

When you are prompted about resetting the dictionary, tap “Reset Dictionary”:

Confirm Keyboard Reset


Step 8

Go back to the “Keyboard” options in Settings, where you originally disabled the auto correction and spell checking, and turn both back on again:

Go Back To Keyboard


Auto Correction and Check Spelling off:Switch dictionary settings back on

Auto Correction and Check Spelling back on:

Switch Auto Correction and Spell Checking Back On

Step 9

*This step is not entirely necessary

I went back to Notes yet again and started typing more gibberish to check that it was fixed… and it was!! 🙂

Typing a note With a "fresh" keyboard dictionary

And that’s that!

Your keyboard should now be reset and fresh for use again like it was when you first got your iDevice…

Happy typing!

Till later…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.


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