NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon Pranks Car Salesman

If you’re a car salesman and you have someone showing interest in a car you know they will love and you can make some great cash on the deal, you’re obviously going to be willing to take the car out for a test drive with the prospective client. If  you are such a car salesman, remember to buckle up whenever going out for a test drive, because you never know when you might be caught out like this guy, when NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pranks a car salesman.

When Jeff, disguised with some nerd looking glasses, a Pepsi-can mounted hidden camera, makeup and a fake beard suggested to “Buckle up”, he clearly meant it! The unsuspecting salesman, eager to make a deal on the Camaro to a gent who currently drives a ‘minivan’, casually started with his sales pitch as “Mike” pulled out of the parking lot. The sales pitch didn’t last long, because a couple of meters down the parking lot, this happened:

Some people  think the video is staged, but take a look at the salesman’s facial expressions throughout the video, clearly somewhere along the test drive, the guy wet himself. All you can do is laugh at the salesman… Cliche and all, this was funny!

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So, who wants to try this with me on one of our local dealerships?

Until then…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

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