iPad 3: What Can You Expect?

1 Year and 1 day since the iPad 2 launch on and the build-up to the launch of the next generation iPad is increasing. What this new iPad will feature is still uncertain, however here are some of the rumours making the rounds and some features we can expect to see in the next generation iPad.

A launch date for the new iPad was set, after Apple sent out invitations that looked like the image below:

iPad 3 Launch Invite

When? 7 March 2012. Where? Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco.

As a result, prices for the iPad 2 have dropped already. According to an article by Geeky Gadgets, prices of the iPad 2 were dropped at Best Buy, with the prices dropping by $50. But what does this mean for the iPad 2? Will it die out only a year after it’s launch? The likelihood: no. Talk is that Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 alongside the new iPad, just as they have been doing with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.


With the launch set to tomorrow, new information is out! According to a new article by Gizmodo, the next generation iPad will be known as the “iPad HD”, flaunting and focussing on the retina display side of the iPad. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which will be able to produce full 1080p display! Making it the only tablet on the market to feature a full HD screen.

What are some of the features we might be seeing in the new iPad?

Speculations about hardware features of the new iPad are all over. Which are true and which aren’t is still a mystery, but here are some of the features that are included in the speculations:

Speculation Talk

After a possible leaked image of a new display which will be on the next-gen iPad, it seems that a retina display for the latest iPad could be expected. Rather long overdue this, but better late than never. The retina display is rumoured to be a 2048 x 1536 display. This would greatly improve on the image quality of the iPad, making it even more enjoyable to use!

With the addition of a possible retina display, expectation of a better camera is in the cards. Talk is that this new, rear-facing camera(similar to the camera used in the iPhone 4S) will be an 8MP camera, which may also shoot full 1080p HD video. Coupled with this will be a possible HD front-facing camera for when using things like FaceTime and video calling over applications like Skype for iPad etc.

Within the guts of the new iPad, the chance that an even faster processor chip will be used is pretty high. Whether this will be the A5X chip or A6 is still unsure. Using the A6 chip , which is believed to be a quad-core chip, will result in the iPad 3 iPad HD being a lot faster than it’s predecessor, the iPad 2, and also improving things like faster load times, better graphics and overall better and faster performance. What we can be sure of, judging by past Apple launches is that the processor chip will be improved.

With the faster chip, battery usage will be affected. That is where a bigger battery will come in, to maintain the great battery-life experienced on an iPad.

Can we expect the new iPad to be thinner, like the past iPad was in relation to its predecessor?

This is still unsure as possible leaked back covers for the iPad have been measured and appear to be about 1mm thicker in actual fact. If this is true, the space could be used to house and make space for some of these other possible new hardware features:

  • As mentioned the new retina display. Some additional space could be needed to house the guts and workings of this new screen.
  • A possible 4G antenna. If a new 4G antenna is launched, this would be much to the joy of many analysts and tech-bloggers, who believe that 2012 is the year that Apple will adopt 4G into its devices.
  • A possible Long Term Evolution (LTE) antenna, which would result in high download speeds – if the area you are in has 4G LTE coverage.
  • A bigger battery to maintain or improve the already great battery life found on the iPad 2. What these battery life stats will be is still unsure, but Apple being Apple, I highly doubt that they would let their renowned “10 hours battery life” be impacted on.

As we haven’t really seen any leaked images indicating that the iPad 3 iPad HD will feature a new re-design, the iPad 3 iPad HD is therefore believed to will look very similar to the iPad 2, as was the case with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, besides being rumoured to be 1mm thicker, as mentioned above.

It is also believed that we may see Siri making her iPad debut on the new iPad, which would be a great addition to the iPad!

What about the iOS?

2 Possible dates have been set for the launch of iOS5.1… We can either see this being launched alongside the launch of the new iPad on March 7th, or 2 days later on March 9th.

With iOS 5.1 being in the works for a while now, the iPad 3 iPad HD launch is expected also to see the launch of the updated iOS5, iOS5.1, which is said to improve the battery life of iPhone 4S users who seem to suffer from the battery drain issue, as well as:

  • Siri updates – Apple rarely likes to launch a feature when it still dubbed “beta”, as a result, iOS 5.1 is believed to bring Siri out of beta form and give this “Humble servant” some new features too, which could include the possibility of seeing her being able to make hardware changes, like telling Siri to take a photo, turn on my WiFi and who knows what else, maybe make me a sandwich? It is also believed that Siri will now also sport a few more languages to choose from.
  • Facebook integration – After iOS5 was launched, we found Twitter integration. it is believed that iOS5.1 will bring about a similar integration to your iDevices for Facebook too, which I believe will be great!
  • Notes – Rumours are also going around which could see us finding rich-text within the Notes app, similar to its incorporation in Mail already.
  • 3G Toggle – We will be seeing the re-release of the 3G toggle switch under the settings, which was removed in the iOS5 launch.

These are some of the features I’ve found to be in the new iPad 3 iPad HD and iOS5.1 launches. What all either of these will offer, we will just have to wait and see.


Developers have found traces of what could be dubbed iOS6! These iOS6 devices were found by Ars Technica who claim to have found website visitors viewing their site off of iOS6 devices. See the Ars Technica link to see the image of their evidence. When this new iOS will be launched is not sure, but I believe it will only be launched later this year with the next generation iPhone.

True to typical Apple conduct, they have not made any comment on the rumours and therefore these are all just rumours until the day of the launch when all is revealed and we can see what is on offer! As soon as the launch has happened and these features(and hopefully more) are revealed, I will definitely let you all know what to expect!

Till then…

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