Goodbyes in Modern Society

For those who know me and for the few who have been reading my blog, you will know I have recently resigned from work and am moving back up-country. The closer to the day that I leave comes, the more sentimental certain times feel and become. Edging nearer to the day I leave, I’ve been thinking, is it really necessary to say “goodbye” to friends and loved ones in the society we live in today? Is “goodbye” really a goodbye, or is it more of an “until I see you again”??

It’s not that long ago that social networking platforms like MySpace and Bebo started. It afforded many of us the opportunity to see what our friends are up to and what’s news in their respective lives without either being a nuisance or intruding too much. And I DO NOT mean this in a stalkerish way. löl.

Not long after these platforms started, Facebook and then Twitter came onto the scene, giving us real-time updates into the lives of or friends and family. It gave us a chance to view pictures and even video footage of, for example, your close friend who has moves overseas. Or even an old school friend who has moved away, or hell, even that mate you see often. It’s all very interesting and in a
sense, still has that personal touch.

With other platforms like the popular Skype, and now with Apple’s FaceTime application, “seeing” a friend who is on the other side of the globe or cousin on the other side of the country has become a lot easier…

Feel like laughing about the silly things you did as a kid, with your longest standing friend? No problem! You can do it the “conventional” way by calling them on the phone, or catch up on Skype, maybe send them a text message on BBM or Whatsapp. Or even call them up on FaceTime. While we’re on the BBM/Whatsapp thing, why send them text? Send a voice-note! Never done it? Give it a try! It’s easier than typing and definitely is quite amusing and fun!

Besides, it seems and feels more personal than a text. There’s nothing better than hearing the voice of an old friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. Again, I ask: is it really necessary to say “goodbye”?

Using Facebook as my main example, you can still keep in contact with friends and family. The great part about it is you only have to say it once, so you’re not constantly repeating the same story over and over and over again… And you can choose who you want to share what info with, so you can block that person who keeps commenting on all your pictures or that family member who comments on every single status. Don’t deny it, you know you’ve blocked some people for whatever reason…. And that you only tell and let some people know certain things. You know what I mean. . .

In my opinion, a “goodbye” isn’t what it used to be. And I mean that in a good way. As a result of the social networking advancement and where we are technologically at the moment, seeing and catching up with friends who have moved away or that you can’t or don’t see as often has become tremendously easier! Unless the person lives under a rock and isn’t involved on use any social networking platforms and by extension this means email too. It’s actually scary that we still have some people like that in our modern society today…

So next time someone has to leave, moves away, or even goes home after visiting you and stays just up the road from you, don’t feel so bad or down about it. You unfortunately won’t be able to feel their touch, but hearing their voice, catching up or seeing them you will definitely be doing so soon!

My request for those who can: call up an old friend, but not the usual way from your phone, Skype video call, or FaceTime call or for the fun of it, try a voice note conversation on BBM or Whatsapp with someone. Even if you can’t keep the voice convo going for long, give it a try to start a convo. It’s definitely a laugh!

Signing off.

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you get a smartass.



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