I Drive Dry, Why Can’t You?

Maybe you’ve heard about this… Maybe you haven’t. But death is no joke, especially when it can be prevented or avoided by just having some sense of responsibility. According to an article by IOL, 864 motorists were arrested while driving under the influence during the Easter Season… It’s about time that we start to drive dry.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t go out and have fun, but rather that people who go out don’t drive if they have had a couple of drinks. I’m saying that we have all heard stories about things that happened to people while driving under the influence… Maybe you’ve nearly ended up in a situation like that, or been in that situation yourself?

What I’m getting at is the awareness, and the spreading of the awareness to help at least just one person have that lightbulb moment when they realise what could go wrong and, in turn, help someone else accomplish that same lightbulb moment. And, with discussions happening where government wants to reduce the legal drinking limit to 0%, nada, no drinking at all and driving, it makes sense, but getting the public to commit and abide by the law and rather keep themselves and their loved ones safe is another story.

Don’t worry, no donations or cash is needed from you, so don’t worry, your pockets are safe. I’m actually looking for a bit more than that. Something money can’t buy. I want you to firstly, pledge. I don’t believe I’m very far off if I had to assume that you go out at least once a week. And I’m pretty sure you have some people who go out with you often too. So, why not help by starting to set the example? it might be tough in the beginning, but once more people make the effort, it will become easier.

Drive Dry

It’s simple… I want you to take 2 minutes from your day and pledge whether you will be drinking, or driving. Not both… If we stand together, we can be the South African generation that changes the perception that it’s acceptable to drive drunk in South Africa and get rid of this “It won’t happen to me” attitude. So pledge… Let your friends know whether you will be driving or drinking. That way you can organise lifts with your mates and make our roads safer… And save some petrol at the same time, because it’s not just the booze getting more expensive. It’s the fuel to get you to the party that’s expensive too!

Small actions can have a massive impact and start a revolution if we commit. So, just like paying your TV licence, declare today the first step towards starting a positive, responsible community of friends who look out for each other!

Jump onto www.drivedry.co.za. log in with your Facebook account, choose one of the events you have indicated that you are attending and pledge whether you will be driving, or drinking. Then choose some mates to let know of your decision and either offer a lift, or find a lift. It’s that easy. Build the awareness. That’s all… While you’re at it, go like the Drive Dry Facebook page too.

On that note…

Let’s help Brandhouse to spread the Responsible Drinking message, while standing the opportunity to get a little something back for your input…

Are you possibly involved in journalism, print, online and/or broadcasting media? If you are, Brandhouse wants to recognise those who make a difference. It’s time for you to enter for the “2013 Brandhouse Responsible Drinking Media Awards” for journalistic efforts in supporting, promoting and contributing to the Responsible Drinking agenda and ultimately to helping change consumer behaviour.

The aim of this award is to encourage those who have are involved in the journalists activities mentioned below, to use their voice and messaging influences to shape the perception that “It won’t happen to me” and the general behaviour of people who misuse alcohol when they go out.

So do you fall into one of these categories?

Overall Print Online Broadcast
  • Journalist of the Year
  • Best Campus Media
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  • Best Community
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  • Best Broadcast

Do you fall into one of those categories? If you do, ENTER NOW!

It’s not just about drunk driving, it’s about under-age drinking, foetal alcohol syndrome, binge drinking, alcohol-related violence and illicit alcohol too.

Check out the article “Entries to the 2013 Brandhouse Responsible Drinking Media Awards now open” in the Press Release for more info and the T’s & C’s are if you want too.

Got any questions? Drop me a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer or get them answered for ya’.

‘Till then…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out.



P.S…  Here are some photos from the Drive Dry campaign event:

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