Biker Gang VS Range Rover Road Rage

This video posted on YouTube 2 days ago has already had 1 767 147 views since it was posted. In the helmet camera video footage captured by a fellow rider during an annual group motorcycle ride in New York called the “Hollywood Block Party,” you see a group of members from the bike rally assaulting the driver of the Range Rover after what appears to be him running into the back of one of the bikers after he cut him off.

Biker Gang VS Range Rover

By the end of the 6 minute long chase, the bikers had slashed the tyres of the Range Rover and one biker is seen smashing the window of the Range Rover and the group then physically assaulted the driver for his actions in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter, who were both in the car. Reports say the driver frantically phoned 911 while attempting to get away from the bikers.

Police said the Range Rover driver suffered black eyes and other injuries in the subsequent beating, while the biker knocked down at the beginning suffered a broken leg.


New York police commissioner Ray Kelly says the department is investigating whether a motorcycle group attacked an SUV driver who broke the leg of a cyclist.

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