About Me

What started as a blog on WordPress, has turned into this, my official website. I’m Glynn Ryan Pearson, but I go by GlynnRyan.

About me. . .

ProfileI’m a self-proclaimed hero to those in need. Stunt double to Iron Man in my spare time, great whistler, laugher & listener. Actually, laugher extraordinaire. I’m a natural people’s person and have a history in sales and web developer development and sales with a passion for music, movies, gadgets, IT and writing.

No I don’t wear my underpants over my tights, that’s the old style… I’m more of the undercover hero type, trying not to let too many people in on my skills 😛

I don’t have any special degrees and I’m nobody significantly important… But, what I love is blogging and writing. Blogging about places and events I’ve been to, that new gadget I can’t wait to get my hands on and other thing’s I’ve experienced or things that move me to write a lil’ something about them.

I love social interaction and meeting new people, so you can find me on most social networks, where I like to ‘hang out’ during the days too.

I like to try new things and share the things that stood out to me, whether they be for the better or for the worse. I firmly believe that you will always be successful in whatever you do, if you are doing what you love and because of this I try my best everything I do, because a little bit of passion for what you do can go a long way.

I’m always open to suggestions and new ideas, so if you’re reading this and you have an idea or want to suggest something, please leave a comment or contact me and let me know what you think, even if you want to give compliments, those are always welcome! Just kidding… No, no… Seriously, leave me a compliment! You can also drop me a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Anyways, till later…

Always remember, give a jackass an education and you’ll have a smartass!

Signing out